by Alan Winson

All of the answers have the same mistake that tonightís theme word frequently has.

There are also three features of the arrangement of the answer words that can give you a little extra help (initials, alignment, sequence).

________   heaven-sent
__________ way, fashion, style
____________ Evita and child
______________ singing German Steamroller
________________ clothed wood
____ Holiday place
__________ part of the birth package
______________ what Lolita was not
______________ hint (out your door andÖ)
__________________ unable to handle math
________ Mr. Bruce
__________ heís dead, but not preserved
______________ absence of fat
__________________ half a weird railroad
__________________ heavy, dull, or gray state
________ this isnít fun any more
____________ dignify or exalt
______________ absence of perturbation
______________________ she rides
________ Mary Poppins, for example
________ hey, itís a word in a song
____________ where to get thee cloistered
____________________ just say no
________________________ take it or leave it
________ recessed umbilical knot
__________ six outs
______________ create
________________ harmless
____________ inexplicable, mysterious
____________ like a lead balloon
____________ deflate the courage of
________________ impromptu
________________ proscribed acts
________________ overlooked
____________________ not the least bit essential
________________________ womenís underwear
__________ furnished with people
______________ Vincente (without a Z)
__________________ more than a clinic; dressing
____________________ very close to HHH capital